Whether you agree or disagree with the new “Maryland Mandatory Mask Order” I’m sure there’s one thing we can all agree on, and it’s that this “Corn-teen” stinks!

To help with the offset the Covina-19 pandemic has caused Evolved Body Arts, our shop family & it’s commerce we propose....... The Mandatory Mask Declaration Day Giveaway!!!

EBA is raffling off 50 Tokens for a chance to win a $1000 Tattoo

To Enter, Applicants should visit www.EvolvedBodyArts.com

The docket ONLY allows for 50 Applicants/Entries

Tokens = Entries

1 Token = 1 Entry 

Tokens = $20 Each

Once Entry/Entries are purchased via EBA Website, Contestant’s Token # will be emailed directly to Applicants Email Address used to enter/purchase said token.

EBA would like to thank everyone in advance for you continued support and understanding during the current times. Good Luck & May the odds be in your favor!

(We will draw and announce the lucky winner on a “to be set” date, that will only be emailed to contestants/entries)

[Token quantity of 50 must reach 0 before date can be set]



So since everyone worldwide is looking for a mask, we would like to shout out Artist & Mask Maker @freehandprofit

Featured in our image is one of his custom sneaker gas mask, a collaboration piece with female Artist Kara Messina & modeled by his wife & Artist @betsyvandeusen

For more of his wicked works of art visit www.Freehandprofit.com 

EBA Raffle Token